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ChadCheats Private Premium Game Cheats EFT Update

Released 08/02/21

Key Changes

  • Reworked Fraction ESP (bosses will be red, raiders and cultists orange, normal scavs and sniper scavs yellow)
  • Added suspicious filtering option (will draw the player red if their KDR is above 10 and their HSR above 75%)
  • Reworked Item ESP / Crates ESP : Added min. price slider which uses the average 24h tarkov-market price.
  • Reworked Juicy Loot Filter (able to define your own price range within a slider + able to show juicy only also juicy items will be red instead of cyan)
  • Added Corpse ESP
  • Fixed Grenade ESP
  • Fixed an issue with the stream-safe mode not working on some systems.

Additional Information

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